Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Butterfly Skirt

It's finished! WOOHOO!!! The pattern is New Look 6461. It wasn't quite the two-pieces-and-some-elastic project that I originally had in mind when I picked up this fabric, but I am really happy with the way that it turned out. This skirt has 8 gores and a side zip-- it called for a lapped zipper, but I went with invisible instead. Other than the minor change in zipper application, I stuck entirely to the pattern with no alterations. It's not quite as casual as I had in mind, but I guess I have more options this way.

The fabric is a Simply Silky print from Joann's. This stuff always slides around just enough to be aggravating, which is the main reason I had planned on a simpler design. Otherwise, everything was super-simple. Hemming was a pain,though... not because it was difficult, but because I really hate doing it and the fullness of the skirt meant a LOT of hemming.

I was just about ready to cut a top to go with this skirt from some fabric in my stash, when I remembered that I made M6326 from the intended fabric last year. I'll probably still make another style of top to go with the skirt, but this one will certainly do for now. And, this is a first for me... two pieces that can actually be worn together! Seriously, I never seem to manage to make outfits, only tops or bottoms, or dresses. I guess this isn't technically a first, since I did make a blouse and skirt (and even a matching Bermuda handbag) when I was 13. I wish I had a picture of that somewhere. At any rate, this is my first complete outfit of the modern era. LOL

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