Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Project

Since I have a new blog, I really should start a new project. Well, that's what I'm telling myself, anyway. That bit of flawless logic took me to the yarn shop this afternoon, where I purchased the pattern and supplies for my next knitting project.

Until now, most of my knitting has been confined to socks. Recently I started attending a local knitting group, and it has become clear that I need to break out of my sock rut. After perusing some of the patterns at the local yarn shop, I fell in love with this booklet...

There are a few patterns that I liked, but the one that really grabbed me was the wrap on the cover. The projects are designed for Cotton Supreme yarns, which feel oh-so-nice. I just couldn't resist. The chart doesn't look too complicated, but it has some cables, so it should keep me interested enough. I think the biggest challenge for me will be the logs... ummm... I mean NEEDLES that I will have to use.  It calls for size 8, which isn't overly large, unless you're used to doing everything on 1 or 0 sizes. Wish me luck!

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